Unlike five-to-ten-year macro forecasts, ARRCO uses predictive analytics models to assess near-term product demand – the foundation for any multi-channel marketing program. Research can spot trends, size markets, define barriers to sales among purchasing populations, and predict product demand from various perspectives.

We will consult with your staff to first uncover what is already known, and second to make recommendations for a research agenda that could include both primary and secondary research. This research flows into a marketing model used to document segments of the market for opportunity.

ARRCO's Analytics and Research Services

  • Market size and product demand studies
  • Quantitative trend studies
  • Purchasing behavior analysis
  • Executive interviews and business intelligence
  • Internet research and data mining publicly available data
  • Evidence-based outcome studies

Markets Served

  • Medical Devices
  • Life Sciences
  • IT Medical Software
  • Medical Facilities
  • Clean Tech
  • Public Health

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